CerPlus® P SeriesSmart Treatment to protect Wood Appearance

  • Provides long-lasting protection against fading and colour changes caused by sunlight.
  • Makes wood surface water repellent, inhibiting biological growth (black mould, fungi).
  • Deepens and enriches the natural brown colour of some woods.

Wood is often used in outdoor applications such as building cladding, decking and garden furniture due to its visual appeal, environmental sustainability, and durability. However, the visual appeal can be quickly marred by rapid changes in appearance through weathering processes which lead to:

  • Fading and bleaching of the natural brown colour by sunlight.
  • Surface degradation to a grey colour with a fibrous texture.
  • Clusters of unsightly black surface mould.

How it works:

Using its proprietary technology Energenics has developed the innovative CerPlus® P series smart treatments, providing a scientific breakthrough in preserving the appearance and reducing maintenance of exterior wood (patent applied). CerPlus® P series products use nanoparticles of a natural mineral known to be a highly effective UV absorber. These small particles penetrate deep into the wood surface where they chemically bond to the wood molecules providing long-lasting protection against sunlight. As the particles preferentially bond to reactive sites on the wood molecules they block them from attack by water. This causes the wood surface to become hydrophobic, greatly reducing the ingress of rainwater and other moisture. As a result, the surface growth of biological species like black mould and fungi which are dependent on water is inhibited. In some types of wood the bonding of the particles to the wood surface produces an attractive richer, deeper brown tone, despite the absence of pigments in the formulation.

wood, mahogany, texture-364694.jpg

Case Study 1: 36 Month Exposure Testing – Bin Enclosure

This bin enclosure was constructed using commercial treated softwood timber in spring 2019. Shortly afterwards the Right Hand Half of each timber length was treated with CerPlus® P101. The other half was left untreated as a control.

After 36 months, this image shows the clear difference made by CerPlus® P101. In the treated areas, the appearance of natural brown fresh wood has been maintained. In contrast, the adjoining untreated areas have undergone significant ‘greying’ and degradation. 

Case Study 2: 12 Month Exposure Testing – Canadian Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

Following installation, half of this domestic sauna was treated with CerPlus® P101 followed by the recommended commercial wood treatment. The other half received only the commercial treatment.

After 12 months, the difference is remarkable: 

  1. Front section treated with commercial Decking Oil, containing UV filters, as recommended by manufacturer (noticeable greying and degradation of appearance).
  2. Rear section pre-treated with CerPlus® P101 followed by commercial Decking Oil (near pristine appearance, inhibition of black mould growth).

Product Features:

CerPlus® P101 and P series products are a family of transparent, non-pigmented, water-based protective treatments for exterior wood. They are non-hazardous, contain no biocidal ingredients and minimal VOCs. They can be easily applied to the dry surface of new or restored wood using standard techniques like brushing, spraying, dipping or roller coating. Once dried, the treated surface can then be overcoated with traditional commercial wood coatings or varnishes if desired.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects and Maintains Natural Wood Appearance.
  • Water Repellent.
  • Water-based, No Biocides, Minimal VOCs.